Truth Frequency Radio
Nov 07, 2013

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Meet Kenzie and Flurry. They’re working girls. Beautiful, well-behaved and sweet tempered, their rewards for a job well done are hugs and biscuits.

When their friends –Tucker, Casey, Annie, Drake, Charlie, Tag and Bob – show up, then the real party begins. They visit schools, nursing homes, senior activity sites and hospitals.

When they enter, smiles and giggles start. Halting words from an elderly person are heard for the first time. An autistic child calms down. A child reads aloud from a book slowly while hugging Flurry. It’s amazing to see the changes these dogs bring to the young, old and sick.

The field of working dogs is burgeoning. We humans are only beginning to understand the capacity of our dogs and cats to love, change and help others.

Medical service dogs are legally allowed to go anywhere that the general public goes. These are dogs that are trained to assist the blind and hearing impaired. They alert prior to a seizure (from epilepsy or diabetes). They mitigate the challenges of post-traumatic stress disorder. They assist with mobility issues.