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AIRED: 07-06-2020

Today on the show i discuss some of the crazyiness going on in the world. First up i talk about all the new emerging viruses that are in the news right now. Theres bubonic plague in China, aswell as a new avian type flu & something called “bunny ebola” going around in the US. The powers that shouldnt be have seen just how effective the “pandemic card” can be to get stuff done, that they are now set to play that time & time again as we move forward into whatever the new normal is

I then get into some of the more ridiculous stories coming from the cancel cult as more & more companies fall over themselves in ever increasingly ridiculous attempts to virtue signal to a bunch of people that find fun in nothing. All these SJW’s want is to get rid of everything, even if its somethng that doesnt affect them, it just has to go, because, well, just because! lol yes, like i said, its ridiculous out there

Then to wrap up the show we take a look at a company that are using game theory and technological divination to predict the future, or as they call it, researching the future!

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