Jul 14, 2014

I like to think I’m a well-rounded person. I have never been a super conservative, yet I don’t identify with everything attributed to liberalism, either. When searching for topics to write about or talk about on Truth Frequency, I have both Raw Story (extremely liberal site) AND CNS News (extremely conservative site) in my bookmarks, because I like to point out the Hegelian Dialectic that pins one group in a society against the other, and I always want to know what the more radical of each “group” is thinking and/or telling their followers, listeners, and viewers.

Being “somewhere in the middle” when it comes to political issues, I laugh sometimes when I see the articles that Michelle Malkin writes, since she’s such a lunatic. On the other hand, there is a contributor at Raw Story who doesn’t really make me laugh, as much as be utterly appalled at the desperation she seems to display in identifying herself with a hateful ideology and persevering in it, to the point of becoming exactly the thing she hates so much: A sexist.


In her article, marathon-titled “Women Against Feminism Show How Bad Arguments Against Feminism Really Are”, Raw Story writer Amanda Marcotte comments on a few of the pictures that activist group Women Against Feminism posted, and I have to say, it’s a smorgasbord of logical fallacies – In fact, I think I’m going to use this article as a teaching tool (Sorry, Mandy, but I’m from Texas, too, and although I myself have since moved to a Blue state and believe a lot of the same things that you do, I just….have to.):

http://daralnicosia.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/thumbnailcajko3bq.jpg1. Appeal to Ridicule: (ab absurdo)

“Damn you, Buzzfeed, for finding some of the weirder corners of the internet to gawk at.”

So, is Amanda trying to say that the thousands of women who like the site and agree with most of the pictures these women posted are “weird” and should be treated like outcasts by their friends? Yes, she is.

It’s also a first class argument for why the “people standing there holding a sheet of paper they’ve written on” thing really should be toast. It was fun for awhile, but let’s find another cliched way to appear profound, guys.

(In my best high school valley girl voice): “Yeah, like, totally…these girls are so lame, we should like, not talk to them or sit by them in the cafeteria anymore, because they have officially become unpopular.”


Appeal to ridicule (also called appeal to mockery, ab absurdo, or the horse laugh), is an informal fallacy which presents an opponent’s argument as absurd, ridiculous, or in any way humorous, to the specific end of a foregone conclusion that the argument lacks any substance which would merit consideration.

2. Damning the Source and Begging the Question (ad hominem, petitio principii)

Rossalyn Warren discovered a page called Women Against Feminism, a landing ground for women who respond to sexism with denial and who hope to be protected by misogyny by hating other women first.

Now, who said they hated other women? By and large, they do not ; Feminists, however, have only themselves to blame for many cases of anti-feminism:

Wow. Way to go, Amanda Marcottes of the world: Telling women that they should be raped and kill themselves is totally serving your purpose. Keep up the good work! Way to pit women against one another, that’s totally what you want people to think about when they think of feminism. Just like Burger King must have been oh-so-thrilled about one of their employee’s recent behavior (WARNING: Extremely foul language):

3. Bifurcation (either-or, black or white, all or nothing fallacy)

against feminism 2

And how better to show your respect to “all” humans but to support an ideology that denies the humanity of half of us?

against feminism 8

It’s not really respect if you’re required to accept an ideology that holds that women are inferior in order to get it.

So, if you respect all humans you support an ideology that denies that females are human beings? That’s like George W. Bush saying, “Either you’re with us, or you’re with the terrorists.” Earth to Mandy: Women don’t naturally gravitate toward men who act like assholes to them. That may have been true in the old days of true patriarchal rule, but not now. These days, those guys end up alone and frustrated with their Fleshlights, and certainly not married.

A person commits the fallacy of bifurcation when he or she claims that there are only two mutually exclusive possibilities—when, in fact, there is a third option. For this reason the fallacy is also known as the either-or fallacy and the false dilemma.

4. Appeal to Ignorance (argumentum ad ignorantiam)

against feminism 4I’m a strong woman! Ignore the man on the other side of the camera who is eating up all this garbage about how he’s being oppressed by all the meanie feminists demanding equality.

against feminism 5

Indeed, unseen husbands holding cameras while their wife gives them “I won’t ever be one of those dirty feminists who wants equality” eyes at them is a common theme here.

against feminism 6Unseen camera holders really like hearing that all of men’s issues should be addressed before women get any consideration at all.

Well, since we have no way of knowing if it’s a man, woman, or child taking the picture, how are we supposed to disprove that they’re trying to please a man by saying these things?

APPEAL TO IGNORANCE: (argumentum ad ignorantiam) attempts to use an opponent’s inability to disprove a conclusion as proof of the validity of the conclusion, i.e. “You can’t prove I’m wrong, so I must be right.”

So, for the grand finale, let’s show some of the other pictures that the feminists didn’t want you to see (found on Buzzfeed, which at least posted the ones with critical arguments, so they win a few brownie points for being at least a little less biased):

So, basically, anything that makes logical, critical arguments against feminism as an organization is not allowed anywhere near Amanda Marcotte’s logical-fallacy-ridden articles. And if they do somehow garner any kind of visible attention from her, it will be laced with invective, hateful rants about how much you “hate women”, even if you have a uterus and you do think it’s a little crappy that women’s jobs won’t pay for their birth control of choice even though they pay for all the Viagra guys want (Which is also a fallacious argument altogether, completely separate from the topic in this post, but one that I will write upon later on this week).