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AIRED: 04-14-2013

First Hour: In the first hour, we welcome author of “Does God Give Us More Than We Can Bear?” and amazing individual, Jerry Smith, to the broadcast to tell the story of his harrowing journey to his own personal paradise, only to be shoved out again into the cold with the diagnosis of Pulmonary Fibrosis. He shows us the power of personal motivation to overcome all obstacles in our lives.


2nd-3rd Hour: We welcome back to the broadcast our good friend, Christopher Everard, to discuss the wonderful recent passing of Margaret Thatcher. We highlight the fascist nature of her regime and how it affected not just Britain, but the entire world. We discuss the BBC’s cheerleading of Mrs. Thatcher, as well as known sexual predators like Jimmy Saville, and how they whitewashed Thatcher’s involvement with right-wing death squads in South America.



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