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Nov 15, 2013

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A puppy, once housed at the City of San Antonio, Texas Animal Care Services facility, was featured in this column over a year ago.

His photo quickly broke hearts…his head was low to the ground, his back hunched over and his entire demeanor reflected pure and utter terror.

There is a happily ever after for this particular puppy.

A couple took a chance on him, despite his obvious fear and despite the lack of information about what had caused him to become that way.

On Saturday, the couple who adopted this frightened puppy emailed the National Dog News Examiner with a wonderful update on the dog now known as “Apollo.”

Apollo’s guardian, Megan Cook, wrote about the difficulties they faced after adopting the terrified pup:

Of course, we will never know exactly what living on the streets of San Antonio was like, or what his first owner did to him. We know that someone began to tattoo his underbelly in green. We know that he hates drainage ditches of all kinds.

We know that one of his ears does not stand up due to either a dog fight or lack of essential nutrients and chewing in his early months. Shortly after we got him, we also found out he was distemper positive, and very much on the edge of losing his life.

When the vet met Apollo, she said he would never be a good family pet, that he was not properly socialized soon enough.

When he tested distemper positive, they told us we could leave him there at the vet, so they could keep him hydrated and as comfortable as possible. Yet by then, we knew he hated small cages.

Despite those early problems – despite the veterinarian’s negative declaration that this dog would never make a good family pet – Apollo has blossomed and today, he is that perfect companion.

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