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AIRED: 09-22-2018

tonight’s show was both inspiring and informative …Ra discusses the Soul Harvest upon us and Spiritual chaos that has infiltrated our Planet and the consciousness of humanity…….and has therefore affected every species on our planet plant and animal kingdoms alike. Whats transpiring is a repeating end times cycle reoccurring within the Fractal sparks of every generation. We must unlock our true spiritual purpose ! And not become an Automaton for this New World Order Reality rising. This show dives deep into the spiritual battles taking place in this multiverse, The Angelic War over DNA,an ultra intelligent quantum force that’s infiltrated our reality and various Holy men throughout history(even Catholic Saints) participating in it as well! What Are they fighting over ?? From Padre Pio to St. Rose of Viterbo to St. Vincent Ferrer …These are “THE ANDROIDS OF THE APOCALYPSE” Holy people throughout history that have known to be able to fly and even Raise The Dead!!!! dont miss this amazing show …nuggets of info for you to digest slowly….Spiral out!!!!!


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amazing discussion will update later ...

AIRED: 04-20-2019

tonight was another intense episode!!! in the 1st segment Ra unleashes groundbreaking info about how he believes he is from an Ancient line of Sibylline Oracles that receive prophetic visions . he discusses his most recent vision and his interpretation of what he saw is sooo intense and mind blowing. Can Ancient extinct Volcanoes reactivate??...

AIRED: 04-06-2019

don’t miss this amazing show, Ra Castaldo us takes down the spiral, deep inside the Ancient Etruscan Necropolis, and Cites of the Dead. From Mysterious ancient artifacts to sacred spots taken over and hijacked to broadcast an end times spiritual transmission of the Apocalypse. The raids of the Papal army, Emperor Nero and the Dark...

AIRED: 03-30-2019

dont miss this show !!! Ra And Gary Wayne discuss the various Bird and tricksters in all religions and tribes throughout history! In the first segment Ra discusses some mindbogglingly info !!!!! dont miss this !!!! ...

AIRED: 03-23-2019

Don’t miss this amazing show! Ra Castaldo talks of the Soul Harvest and the Spiritual wars taking place within our muiltiverse and the unique role he(and his lineage) plays in this !!! the ember days battles , the battles of the Saints, the zero point abilities of Anne Catherine Emmerich, the elemental powers of St....

AIRED: 03-09-2019