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AIRED: 01-09-2021

Apologies for the first 5 minutes of this broadcast is dead air, due to technical difficulties Ra Castaldo was having with skype. He was able to get it all figured out within a few minutes and thankfully all was good for the remainder of the show . Maybe some unseen forces were trying to prevent this broadcast, because tonight’s show releases information never ever discussed before on radio!!! Ra Castaldo discusses how we have shifted into the Age of Aquarius, with this an acceleration and explosion of technology that’s been activating dormant Atlantean Crystal technologies deep beneath the Atlantic ocean and other spots throughout our Planet. Awakening the Atlantean Holographic Crystal pyramids that were installed long ago, some prior to 50,000 B.C. Your mind will be blown when you hear what Ra saw during his remote viewing of the Austin , Texas area and so much more! Also Ra discusses and compares some of his information to the readings of Edgar Cayce , and also some of the prophecies of Joseph Smith the Prophet who founded the Mormon religion. Don’t miss this show!!!!!


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