Truth Frequency Radio
Nov 07, 2013

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The ability to predict the future has long been the stuff of science fiction or, more often, pure fantasy, with hard science usually finding it difficult to rationalise there ever being a way to use technology to foretell what is to come.

But IBM is tackling the problem in a measured way via big data analytics, offering a range of products that, in a limited but surprisingly encouraging way, is allowing the police department of Richmond, Virginia to begin actually stopping crimes before they happen.

Captain of services, Tim Heroff, described how Richmond Police Department has been “swimming in information” for quite some years now, but finding a way to make sense of it all has always been “a great challenge”.

But using the technology available now, which includes IBM’s Identity Insight product and law enforcement and fraud prevention software i2, which IBM acquired in 2011, “has been a real game-changer in law enforcement,” said Heroff.

“About three years ago we introduced a new paradigm called Intelligence-Led Policing, and one of the tenets of ILP is that a very small percentage of offenders are actually responsible for the majority of crime,” explained Henoff.

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