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By Luckee

Aug 22, 2015

princess-diana101This video provides an entirely different view on what happened to Princess Diana.  In it, there is the most fundamental truth as to why she was taken out.  It is the same thing my late Godmother said the day after it was announced in the news:  ‘Diana was also a Queen Mother and would have taken the throne.  She had to be taken out by the Elder Queen.’   

As to the Dodi Fayed thing, I always felt that segment of Diana’s Life was ‘off’ and just kept setting off my internal BS detector.  I am glad I took the time to watch this video.  It is in Arabic, but it has pretty good English subtitles.  I am also impressed with the attributions to others’ work.  

The most shocking information I saw in the video was the ‘breaking protocol’ issue.  I encourage you to find more truths you may not have known before.

I never had thought before that this could have been an abduction.  I now have to seriously consider it with the evidence given.

~ Luckee1


Published on Aug 19, 2015

A film written by Rania Alammar made in 2014 about the case of Princess Diana with a whole new assumption.. the film mainly raises the question of an (ABDUCTION) case and not death.
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