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AIRED: 05-02-2019

Humanity is at the vast choice point that is revealing that which has been hidden alongside the ignition of that which is needed for the shift! Through the expanding presence of spiritual teachers there is a continuing energy that, consistent with the current dominant world energy), seeks to keep mean s the only true wisdom keepers worthy of attention. YES! There is female discrimination in the spiritual communities and new age hierarchy that seek to keep the status quo alive.
This is the “GLASS CEILING” that has affected every aspect of our life experience for millennia and as the energy of the planet rises so is the feminine voice and the woment to call forward the BALANCE OF ALL VOICES!
Tune in for a fascinating journey of sharing and insights from Kira and Johana as they explore dealing with this experience through the world of density while be fully awake to “seeing” the role it plays from the higher levels beyond duality. A divine gift also explored with callers who receive mini soul readings!


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The complexity of the illusion seeks to keep us captive within our beliefs and patterns of behaviors. Throughout our interactions with this game board we begin to believe and align with “what is real and what is not”. Yet…WHO ARE YOU?…REALLY….as you gaze within this fascinating experience of form! What do we mean, or point...

AIRED: 05-16-2019

Join Kira Raa and her special Guest Reena Joshi, (Johana Sand has the night off), as these two amazing women share the journey of manifesting your dreams into reality through MAXIMIZING THE MAY ENERGY! Reena also calls forward her inspired artwork as you will see below with the two ILLUMINATED pieces she created for SRI...

AIRED: 05-09-2019

(YES! The world stage is currently a potentially scary place to dwell and that is exactly where the energies that would seek to steal your peace, love and joy reside! Despite how things may appear to be “wrong or off”, THERE IS AN HONEST SILVER LINING and during this amazing episode, Kira & Johana dive...

AIRED: 04-25-2019

Is our sense of the “real” becoming ever more “surreal”? With the extraordinary events that have been circling all of humanity and now entering the post April 16 cycle for 2019, it is time to dive deeply into why the sense of the “surreal experience” is becoming more common. Kira & Johana look deeply at...

AIRED: 04-18-2019

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AIRED: 04-11-2019

Kira & Johana dive in and explore the multiple levels of living in trust regardless of the experience. A big show that goes into the complexity of trust and how to navigate this energy all-ways. Can we trust the unfolding of things as they are, even when they appear to go wrong? Committing to greater...

AIRED: 04-04-2019