The number 26 w/ guest: Sevan >>


AIRED: 09-22-2012


First Hour: In the first hour, radio hosts Popeye and Joe Joseph join us to further discuss the 303-309-0004 anomaly and offer some ideas from their former military experience. We also discuss Libya, mass shootings plaguing the United States lately, and more false flag and black ops.



2nd-3rd Hour: Sevan takes us on another journey, this time through the meaning of the number 26 and it’s connection to the matrix code.

Note: Very advanced edition of TFR, it is recommended that listeners have a pen and paper handy while listening. Sevan tends to branch out into the material that is very in-depth and may confuse listeners who haven’t studied the deeper subjects such as esotericism, mysticism, or Qabbalah.


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