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AIRED: 04-04-2021

He did not die a moment too soon. He waited. For what? What was He waiting for? He was waiting for you. He was waiting for your sins. All of them. Those that you have done and those that you will yet do. His mission was not to come to Earth to proclaim His divinity. Why would He ever need our affirmation of that? No.
He came to show us of our divinity.


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On both sides of the pond, the “woke” wars are raging. The long tail of the racial justice demonstrations last summer is still winding its way through American and British politics after both countries experienced a societal jolt. Statues of enslavers, imperialists and white supremacists were knocked off their pedestals. The cries in the streets...

AIRED: 04-18-2021

According to Ph.D. biochemist and molecular biologist Dr. Doug Corrigan, these important findings (which run contrary to “current biological dogma”) belong to the category of “Things We Were Absolutely and Unequivocally Certain Couldn’t Happen Which Actually Happened.” While not claiming that vaccine RNA will necessarily behave in the same way as coronavirus RNA — that...

AIRED: 04-11-2021

There was a story that was posted early this morning on Breitbart, and then promptly scrubbed. You could not even find it on Google at all. I hade to go back through my history on my IPad to find it. This leaked. There is no doubt about it. Democrat Congressman Schakowsky (D-Il) from the House...

AIRED: 03-28-2021

Millions of people are administered general anesthesia each year in the United States alone, but it’s not always easy to tell whether they are actually unconscious. A small proportion of those patients regain some awareness during medical procedures, but a new study of the brain activity that represents consciousness could prevent that potential trauma. It...

AIRED: 03-21-2021

For thousands of years, the Global Syndicate has had only one true enemy. It seeks to protect its bowling greens and orphanages full of tasty playthings from this enemy by not just putting up a wall of secrecy and death. It creates a no-man’s-land for hundreds of miles in every direction to prevent anyone from...

AIRED: 03-14-2021

As though right out of my latest book, Asteroid Mining: The Future of Energy, the ESA is now proposing a mission to the Moon to explore the volcanic vents. Infrastructure is going to be one of the biggest components of any permanent human settlement in the moon. NASA Artemis missions are focused directly on building...

AIRED: 03-07-2021