The Most Credible Bigfoot Sighting Ever >>


AIRED: 08-06-2019

In this SPECIAL BROADCAST im joined by three very special guests. Bill Bean, The Spiritual Warrior, joins me along with retired police officers Brian Gosselin & Mike Suppa

Brian is setting the record straight after the story of what happened to him has been altered, changed & even ridiculed over the years

In 1976 Brian Gosselin & multiple law enforcement officers witnessed something they have never forgotten on Abair Road, Whitehall in NY state. The course of events over a couple of days would change the life of Brian Gosselin forever

Given that Brian was in law enforcement & multiple other officers witnessed strange events, could this be one of the most credible bigfoot sightings ever?

Brian relives the events from 1976 & Mike Suppa offers his insights into this particular story & other events along the way, making this one of the most informative bigfoot shows ive heard in a long time!


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