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Chris Geo
Aug 28, 2013

grey-alien-mcpherson-tape-ufo-alien-abductionThe McPherson Tape is a tape from 1983 that alleges to depict a UFO landing followed by an abduction. The tape circulated around the UFO community as authentic proof until Fox aired a re-make in 1998. The re-enacting of this tape then clouded the waters and had people debating on the authenticity of the 1998 tape instead of the 1983 version (released in 1989). The 1998 film was listed on IMBD as Alien Abduction: Incident in Lake County (TV Movie 1998) and shortly after the previous version was listed as U.F.O. ABDUCTION (Video 1989) – IMDb. The chronological order of the posts are apparent in the URL with the 1989 version listed as entry #tt0169005/ and the 1998 version as tt0142074/.

The 1983/89 tape has the emotional response one would expect from a situation like this. While many of the key scenes were faithfully reproduced in the 1998 remake, other distinct differences include the family, events and situation. The original takes place during the daughters birthday party while the remake takes place during Thanksgiving. The original shows the family recovering a body while the remake excludes this scene. This is not to mention that the ending is different on both versions with the original ending much more believable than the remake.

It is believed by UFO enthusiasts that the 1998 version was created in order to “debunk” the authentic 1989 version. Looking at the comments on YOUTUBE uploads even to this day it is apparent that people still confuse the 1998 remake with the genuine tape. There is no question that the 1998 remake is a film. The only question remaining is whether the 1983/89 tape is a FACT or FRAUD?