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AIRED: 07-28-2018

This week the discussion is back on track as We Rise together and shift through the Lunar Eclipse….
Transmuting the Carnage Demon, Conversations with my Contacts, Symptom after Symptom, FearLess Family Group Of Leaders, The Big Upgrades, Talking with Plants, Space Ships in the Clouds, and So Much MORE….


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Join Paula Milo & Myself, on the Optimum Time Line, as We Bring the discussion back into the NOW, as We begin to work with in the new energies … Set Your Intentions & Tune in Live…! #Subscribe #TeamFearLess #FearLess #FearLessTribe #DMT #Ayahuscua #DMT #StarSeeds #LightWarriors #LightWorkers #DeepEndOfThePool #TFR #BecomeYourOwnShaman #BecomeYourOwnBank #HeistClick #StayFearLessAtAllTimes #IamWeAr...

AIRED: 01-12-2019

Join Paula Milo & Myself on the Optimum Time Line as We Bring the discussion back into the NOW, as We begin to work with in the new energies …RA and the Spirit Flame, Massive Dehydration, Pushing through the Pain, Remembering My Dreams, More Layers have Been Removed, and I LOVE IT..! Set Your Intentions...

AIRED: 01-05-2019

Join us tonight as Paula Milo and Myself, close out this year 2018 on the Optimum TimeLine… The Never Ending Purge, Preparing my Body for more Light, Everything is Beginning to Fall into Place, Synchronicities Galore, We are All Playing Roles, Blue Lights in the Sky over NYC, and Lots More ….! 2019 Here We...

AIRED: 12-29-2018

Join Paula Milo and Myself on the Optimum Time Line, as We breakdown the incoming Energies… Micro dosing through the holidays, Removing those last layers, What Do You See when you close your Eyes? 1st round Star Seeds your call to action is now … All this and More.. Set Your Intentions & Tune in...

AIRED: 12-22-2018

Join Paula Milo, and Myself on the Optimum TimeLine, as the Conversation shifts into the NOW…. Fighting MySelf, Fighting the Grey’s, Fighting System, Im So Tired of Fighting… My Meditations are like Mushroom Experiences, Im beginning to Lucid Dream, Control, and Remember whats Happening… All this, and So Much More…! Set Your Intentions & Tune...

AIRED: 12-15-2018

Join the Discussion in the Optimum TimeLine, as Paula Milo and Myself Ground into the Highest Frequencies, and Speak OUR Truth… Im Beginning to Feel the Call, The Pain of seeing Your Loved ones in the Cycles of Pain and Suffering, Is this Speeding up ?, Why are people making it so easy to dislike...

AIRED: 12-08-2018