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AIRED: 12-02-2018

Is the Mandela Effect is Becoming a Religion? The Mandela Effect is redefining the way people think about how reality works and their place in it. The Mandela Effect redefines how people think about time. It makes them rethink their purpose in the world. Are these the building bricks of a budding spiritual movement? A religion?
These topics and many more are addressed here.



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Is the Mandela Effect switching the world from a character driven story to a plot driven story? That’s how individual ME’s are created. Our overall human story has been cheapened. Our collective existence was once a character driven, prize winning piece of literature and now our story is a plot driven, dime store novel that...

AIRED: 12-09-2018

Getting deeper into the Mandela Effect Makes you question everything around you. Naturally that gets to the subject of faith and finally the afterlife. This Episode I go over Kabbalah and the Gevurah sefirot. Inside this sphere in the Tree of Life, both the Angelic and Demonic realms reside. The left and right hand of...

AIRED: 11-25-2018

If life is so precious then why do we spend most of it standing in line, or working, of sitting at red lights? Did we already die and we’re already in the review process at the end of life? Did the world end in 2012, or did we do some kind of ascent and they...

AIRED: 11-18-2018

Oregon has been bombed by the Axis forces. Alaska also has been bombed as well as occupied by Japan. Santa Barbara shelled because of its oil fields. Are these new Mandela Effects? If so, they are showing a disturbing pattern that seems to get stronger as the effects keep rolling in. We are still pondering...

AIRED: 11-11-2018

Has the Mandela Effect begun to change WWII? Did you know Oregon, Washington State and Alaska all saw combat on their soil? Is the old idea that Pearl Harbor was the only land attack the US had to endure obsolete? The Mandela Effect started with seemingly small things like movie lines changing and now it’s...

AIRED: 11-04-2018

Ascending to heaven or someplace better than here is a fine example of our substrata expressing how we can look back and see life as it actually is, not as we wish to see it. Is life linear? Is time like a row of dominos? Probably not. The Mandela Effect is one great example of...

AIRED: 10-28-2018