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AIRED: 11-04-2018

Has the Mandela Effect begun to change WWII? Did you know Oregon, Washington State and Alaska all saw combat on their soil? Is the old idea that Pearl Harbor was the only land attack the US had to endure obsolete? The Mandela Effect started with seemingly small things like movie lines changing and now it’s graduating to major moments in history. Is the outcome of WWII in danger of changing by the endless alterations to the official record?



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Oregon has been bombed by the Axis forces. Alaska also has been bombed as well as occupied by Japan. Santa Barbara shelled because of its oil fields. Are these new Mandela Effects? If so, they are showing a disturbing pattern that seems to get stronger as the effects keep rolling in. We are still pondering...

AIRED: 11-11-2018

Ascending to heaven or someplace better than here is a fine example of our substrata expressing how we can look back and see life as it actually is, not as we wish to see it. Is life linear? Is time like a row of dominos? Probably not. The Mandela Effect is one great example of...

AIRED: 10-28-2018

Are we about to lose WWII? Is the slow, creeping censorship regime that’s fallen all over the internet a symptom of this scenario? Fascism thrives on censorship. Are we going into a clampdown to prepare us for a far darker understanding of time?...

AIRED: 10-21-2018

Did you know the US mainland was bombed by the Axis powers in WWII? Did you know that Japan set off over 9000 balloons towards the North American Continent? The balloons were found in over a dozen US states. How about the statue of Liberty being attacked? The attack was so bad Lady Liberty can...

AIRED: 10-14-2018

Linear time has collapsed and humanity struggles to find meaning in day to day life. Sound like sci-fi? It’s not, or maybe it is, but really it doesn’t matter because Jack Parsons derived his idea of a thunderous rocket from the realm of fiction, and in turn, reshaped this thing we call existence. It is...

AIRED: 10-07-2018

Discussing Andy Warhol on the Moon, working on interacting with the Mandela Effect. 23 Skiddoo! I did an experiment where I sent out the phrase “23 Skiddoo” into the aether where it came back in the form of the “23 Enigma” in the Robert Anton Wilson book Cosmic Trigger. Can experiments like this be repeated?...

AIRED: 09-30-2018