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AIRED: 09-30-2018

Discussing Andy Warhol on the Moon, working on interacting with the Mandela Effect. 23 Skiddoo! I did an experiment where I sent out the phrase “23 Skiddoo” into the aether where it came back in the form of the “23 Enigma” in the Robert Anton Wilson book Cosmic Trigger. Can experiments like this be repeated? If so,
let do it!


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We have to do the Saint Ed test everyone. Get as many people over 45 and ask about Saint Ed and PCH. Then tell me about it under the hashtag #SaintEdTest. I’m going to do a video on defending the Mandela Effect as well as the Ed Mcmahon test. Defending ME will be when someone...

AIRED: 01-20-2019

My interview with The Higherside Chats was the highlight of my week, but I was also demonetized by YouTube. So it was a week of extremes. We got into WWII research. The Japanese now have bombed the West Coast and the Germans have turned the waters of the Outer Banks of North Carolina on the...

AIRED: 01-13-2019

Using official public papers from the presidency of Bill Clinton we can see how he referenced Ed McMahon and Publishers Clearing house. Given the amount of fact checkers around the president and given the president himself was a Rhodes scholar, we can see that indeed Saint Ed and PCH were indeed correctly together. ...

AIRED: 12-30-2018

Perhaps one day Ed McMahon will be the first saint of the Mandela Effect. If that’s the case then PCH will be our Holy Grail! The Mandela Effect is often described as a personal and spiritual experience. Are we merely reshaping our relationship with our environment, or are we embarking on a more profound relationship...

AIRED: 12-23-2018

The Mandela Effect is redefining the way people think about how reality works and their place in it. The Mandela Effect redefines how people think about time. It makes them rethink their purpose in the world. Are these the building bricks of a budding spiritual movement? A religion? ...

AIRED: 12-16-2018

Is the Mandela Effect switching the world from a character driven story to a plot driven story? That’s how individual ME’s are created. Our overall human story has been cheapened. Our collective existence was once a character driven, prize winning piece of literature and now our story is a plot driven, dime store novel that...

AIRED: 12-09-2018