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AIRED: 03-31-2019

Is the Flat Earth a political movement that changed existence through a Nietzsche styled “Will to Power” overthrow of enough octaves to permanently change our holographic reality forever? OR Is this what the Mandela Effects Looks Like:
PBS – “If this space study is right, humans have never left Earth’s atmosphere”
To understand the holographic universe read this:
Original CIA FOIA Doc:


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Deleted Tweet that explains everything: Andrew Kloster on Twitter: “Literally every conspiracy theory is … “What’s the frequency, Kenneth?” is your Benzedrine, uh-huh Butterfly decal, rearview mirror, dogging the scene ...

AIRED: 09-08-2019

Bananas grow upside down. So what does the Book of Enoch say about it? ” And in those times the fruits of the earth shall be backward, And shall not grow in their time, And the fruits of the trees shall be withheld in their time.” ...

AIRED: 09-01-2019

Technology before it’s time has taken us to the next level with photos of the 1850’s to the 1900’s, but the subjects look as if they are not from that era. Second half we talk Coral Castle and the technology of frequency and cymatics. ...

AIRED: 08-25-2019

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AIRED: 08-18-2019

Lets pass the torch back and ignite Jupiter, a failed star. The synchronicity around me brought a curious moth into my life. ...

AIRED: 08-11-2019

If we devolve into a plutocracy can you spare a billion? I bet you don’t know the answer to 8 ÷ 2(2+2) =? We also got into interesting patents like “Rotating magnetic device utilizing sacred geometry” ...

AIRED: 08-04-2019