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AIRED: 03-10-2019

I contend the release of the CIA Gateway document is to move the spiritual Overton Window in order to drag the rest of the population along. Reality is a hologram that is created by our shred consensus of what it is. That center, that window, which we all agree on, is what we call reality. The release of the document moves the center.



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Forbes Magazine says : “Advancements in technology have led to credible, reliable evidence that UFOs exist—far beyond simple anecdotes of untrained observer reports in prior decades. Slowly but surely, the subject is moving from the outer edges of the paranormal categorization as highly trained observers come forward with analysis of advanced aerospace technology.” Is this...

AIRED: 03-17-2019

Technology doesn’t start in a sterile lab with people in white coats and beakers, but rather technology is perfected there and then is sent out to the public This then leaves to wonder where does all technology actually come from…certainly not this dimension. Right? ...

AIRED: 03-03-2019

The CIA FOIA document explains that existence is a fractal hologram that maintains its attributes and laws, even if broken, or divided up into different pieces. Each piece has everything in it that reflects the whole. That’s exactly how the block-chain works. It’s a ledger that holds all transactions in every node. So if one...

AIRED: 02-24-2019

DoD FOIA Request that changes the game for the Mandela Effect Community: This episode we talk about the released DoD CIA document that explains how the consciousness comes before the brain and that the universe and the brain are holograms: “…the human mind is also a hologram which attunes itself to the universal hologram…” ...

AIRED: 02-17-2019

There is a second shooter on the grassy knoll in the JFK assassination. Did you know that? I didn’t, but the Washington post wrote about it in 2017 when they declassified all those Warren Commission documents and they say that was “probably” the case. You would think the world would have fallen over itself at...

AIRED: 02-10-2019

This episode I got into my start with the Mandela Effect. It was my YouTube series in 2017 called “We Died in 2012”which questioned whether or not we were alive or already in the afterlife. I launched that series in February of 2017, almost 2 years to the day. In the series I went over...

AIRED: 02-03-2019