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AIRED: 01-20-2019

We have to do the Saint Ed test everyone. Get as many people over 45 and ask about Saint Ed and PCH.
Then tell me about it under the hashtag #SaintEdTest.

I’m going to do a video on defending the Mandela Effect as well as the Ed Mcmahon test.

Defending ME will be when someone says Ed worked for American Family Publishers and that everyone is mis-remembering. Remind them the residue from referencing Ed and PCH is mostly from at least the 80’s till now. That means a lot of the references were made in real-time or close to real-time. Remind them we are in real-time now. Right?…Right. Who did Steve Jobs work for? They will say Apple. You will say correct. Because we are in real-time, meaning we are close to the event of Jobs working for Apple, it would be like 90% of the country making inaccurate references to Jobs working for Microsoft. Boom. #SaintEdTest


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AIRED: 03-10-2019

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