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Nov 19, 2015


The main thrust of the current media disinformation is to try and reinforce the message that the 2003 invasion of Iraq was the result of “faulty” intelligence. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Declassified CIA Document Reveals Iraq War Had Zero Justification

The reasons the US went to war against Saddam were:-

Saddam refused to do a “oil for arms” deal along the same lines as the Saudis and was becoming independent (this started before the first Gulf War in 1991).

In 2000 Saddam announced he was going to sell oil in Euros and not dollars and encouraged OPEC to do the same. This was a threat to the Petrodollar system and $ hegemony.

The Yinon plan, from the 1980’s, for Greater Israel which would extend from the Nile to the Euphrates, covering parts of what is now Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. In order to achieve this plan all of the surrounding Arab States to Israel have to be turned into chaos and balkanized one by one, so they are weak enough for Israel to fully control.

The invasion of Iraq was specifically designed to:-

Destabilize Iraq and start a civil war

Recruit lots more Islamic Extremist terrorists, to enable future wars or regime changes in neighboring countries to Israel. Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Iran are specified as targets in PNAC, as well as mentions for Afghanistan, Sudan and Somalia.

To very dramatically increase arms spending by the US government and others, thus greatly increasing the profits of arms companies.

To increase the oil price, by limiting Iraq’s output of oil.

To make billions for bankers by increasing US government debt.

To personally enrich members of the Bush regime and their cronies. Cheney made over $80m just for himself, then there is the Carlyle Group and it’s “investors” HW Bush, the Saudis, the Bin Laden family and the Clintons etc.

To use the terrorism threat created by destabilizing the Middle East to shred what was left of the Constitution after the Patriot Act had been enacted.

The “intelligence” used to “justify” the invasion of Iraq was entirely fabricated 

As soon as George Bush was installed in the White House in January 2001, Paul Wolfowitz and his Office of Special Plans set to work on cooking up the faked and falsified “intel” that would allow Cheney to invade Iraq after the “new Pearl Harbor” had occurred.

See PNAC. Jeb Bush is one of the 25 original signatories to PNAC. Others included Cheney, Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz
Paul Wolfowitz is now a “Foreign Policy adviser” to Jeb Bush (as are many others from the GW Bush regime).

General Wesley Clark: Wars Were Planned