Truth Frequency Radio
Aug 26, 2014

They say if you don’t ask, you don’t get. But usually this age-old advice is only dealt out when discussing a pay rise or a flight upgrade to first class.


Seldom, in fact, is the idea of putting your neck on the line used for anything other than our own material gain and for the greater good.

That’s where The Kindness Offensive comes in. The London-based initiative is one of the largest random acts of kindness in the world and is giving back to communities and people in need… but on an epic scale.

The way it works is simple – or at least that’s how founding member David Goodfellow explains it.

The Kindness Offensive are phone whisperers. Meaning they call people up, ask them to make a donation to a project whether it is food or books and, more often than not, they get what they’ve asked for.

the kindness offensive

“We’ve got a 100% success rate, because if one call isn’t successful, we’ll try elsewhere – and eventually we’ll get what we’re after,” explains David. “It’s about changing the mindset to become more optimistic – we know the items are out there, it’s just a case of tracking it down.”

And this isn’t small scale stuff either.

“To date we’ve acquired £5.5 million and have properties with a net value of over £30 million,” David reveals.