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AIRED: 08-15-2014

Hour 1 of a 5 hour TFR Special Broadcast – Trans-Atlantic Truth

Join Kev , John, Marty, Joe Joseph & Popeye as they discuss the Transhumanist Agenda. Then in the second half of this broadcast the talk goes onto the infiltration of the truth movement, Israel and the Zionist agenda

Then, jump onto Freedom Link with the guys for hours 2 and 3, then onto the Down The Rabbit-hole for hours 4 and 5 of this special broadcast


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Just at the time of going on air, news was beginning to break that anti-virus legend John McAfee had been found dead in a Spanish jail cell after appearing in court to face extradition charges. Is he the latest high profile figure to get ‘whacked’? Hey, he was the one that had that tattooed on...

AIRED: 06-23-2021

We go over a document prepared by the UK Ministry Of Defense which takes a look at the time from 2020 – 2050 & gets into the world of Human Augmentation. This document goes over technologies such as CRISPR, gene modification & brain chip interfaces as a way to augment not just military, but society...

AIRED: 06-22-2021

(The host has not yet entered a description for this archive)...

AIRED: 06-21-2021

Steven & Evan Strong join me all the way from Australia to discuss all their latest research including more information about the UFO that was seen over Ulura during the ceremony that took place towards the end of last year at the sacred site in Australia. Many have questioned the veracity of the claims about...

AIRED: 06-17-2021

No topics planned, nothing scripted, just two guys talking & what a fascinating discussion it turned out to be...

AIRED: 06-16-2021

In this episode i game theory out the possibility we are being lined up for the ultimate deception – a fake alien invasion or even the coming of the alien antichrist. Bill Bean joins me in hour 2 to discuss the details of Project Blue Beam & the tell tale signs he sees that point...

AIRED: 06-10-2021