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AIRED: 07-29-2014

article-2710397-201E5FD200000578-458_964x643PUTTING SOME ORDER TO THE CHAOS – Are we nearing the EL-ites Endgame?

Religious wars, civil wars, potential world wars, border wars, ethnic cleansing, ebola on the spread, downed planes, missing planes, its a full spectrum attack on our senses right now.

Join Kev, John Sinclair, Martin Hardy & special guests Dulan & NanoGirl for a round table discussion of the news events around the world right now, each one of which would be a potential tipping point in its own right!


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Charlie Robinson joins me to go over some of the latest news from around the world. We express our outrage at the continued push to vaccinate the planet. We talk about potential mandates, segregation & lots more. We also like to take a look at the upside-down world of Woketopia when we hook up for...

AIRED: 08-03-2021

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AIRED: 07-29-2021

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AIRED: 07-28-2021

Thats right, they are coming for the memes! I go over a document from the EU that outlines the ‘dangers’ posed by the effective memes that the alt-right are infamous for. This is getting ridiculous, truly. I read the key parts of the document & give my opinion on this latest lunacy. I then play...

AIRED: 07-27-2021

Mark Kulacz joins me to go over his extensive research into the invention of the computer & to break down just who exactly Bill Gates is. There is so much written & said about Bill Gates over the past 18 months its hard to know whats true & whats not, so Mark breaks down exactly...

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Mary Dusina, our resident astrologer, is on hand to talk us through the latest full moon, the Buck moon as its called. We open up the lines for Mary to take your calls & to give a reading to the lucky callers ...

AIRED: 07-22-2021