Max Igan Vs Jim Fetzer New Zealand Shooting Debate >>


AIRED: 04-14-2019

Max Igan and Jim Fetzer come together to debate different view points regarding the events that took place in a New Zealand Mosques. Both men present evidence to back up their view points in relation to the massacre. Was it a false flag? Did people die? Whats the agenda behind the event? Its a spirited debate. Listen and come to your own conclusions, do our own research . Special thanks to Bin Hamin for allowing me to use his stream


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John Prester and Jimmy Gene join BRV to discuss the measles outbreak in NY, Nipsey Hustle murder and Dr Sebi and a bit of New Zealand...

AIRED: 04-07-2019

John Potash discusses his book and documentary film “DRUGS AS WEAPONS AGAINST US: THE CIA WAR ON MUSICIANS AND ACTIVISTS” How and why does the CIA use drugs and rock stars to manipulate society. Hendricks, Tupac, Lennon , Curt Cobain ...

AIRED: 03-31-2019

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AIRED: 03-17-2019

Jeanice Barcelo joins the Fringe to discuss the release of her book on PDF: The Dark Side of Prenatal Ultrasound and the Dangers of Non-Ionizing Radiation. Are hospitals a temple of lucifarian ritual worship? Are we being prepared for induction in a lucifarian cult from before birth? ...

AIRED: 03-10-2019

Do you expierence the following: A feeling of not belonging Truth seekers Sense of a “Mission” in life Empathy & Compassion for Mankind An extra rib or vertebra. Higher than average IQ ESP Ability Love of Space & Science You may have RH Negative blood. ...

AIRED: 03-03-2019

SMQ and a returning Sean Caron join BRV to discuss the Gateway CIA documents. These documents seem to detail the nature of reality and the true abilities of the human race. Documents are here:

AIRED: 02-24-2019