The Heart Chakra, 2012 Predictions, Chemtrails and Kony w/ Nancy Wallace, Alex Defoe, Max Igan, Popeye, Bob Tuskin & Donny Gillson >>


AIRED: 03-10-2012

Hour 1: We are joined by our intuitive life coach and spiritual adviser, Nancy Wallace to discuss predictions for 2012, living through the heart and opening up our intuitive nature.

Hour 2: We speak with Alex DeFoe, a researcher from Monash University, about the Heart Chakra, out of body experiences and fighting off the p0lar energies of 2012. Alex is also offering a free online class on March 17 which you can find here.

Hour 3: Max Igan joins us once again to discuss Kony 2012, nano particulates in chem-trails and living as a sovereign outside of the system.

Hour 4: Popeye of Federal Jack joins us with Bob Tuskin at the end to just kick back and let loose, discuss some current events and unwind a bit

Special thanks to Donny Gillson of 32 Degrees Of Insanity for guest co-hosting again this week!

(length: 4 hours w/ behind the scenes conversation)


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