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AIRED: 08-09-2017

In this week’s episode we decode the propaganda, starting with the North Korea nuclear threats. From there we have guest Jonathan, who breaks down the upcoming rigging of the 2017 NFL season. After that, we decode the racially divisive propaganda in the headlines involving Tiger Woods,
Usher Raymond, and the death of the 3 year old day care student, a story from August 9, the 3-year anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting. As always, we also take your calls, tune in and listen long!


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This week’s show begins with a response to a high school senior’s email about feeling lost in the world. From there Rambo teaches us more about the upcoming Great Conjunction of December 21, 2020. And then I touch on the significance of 322 and its relationship to Obama’s new book, as well as Johns Hopkins...

AIRED: 11-18-2020

What better thing to do to treat a VIRUS that poses nearly no risk to your life, than to go to Pfizer, the company sued for killing millions with faulty drugs? In this week’s episode, we talk about just this, exposing yet again, that the U.S. is a fascist nation, ruled by the Jesuits, and...

AIRED: 11-11-2020

Straight out of V for Vendetta, England goes into lockdown on November 5, 2020, on the anniversary of the Jesuit Gunpowder Plot. And will the election be decided in the U.S. on that same day? Tune in for all that and more. ...

AIRED: 11-04-2020

Have you ever heard of the Society of Cincinnati? No? Well, that’s just one of many topics that will blow your mind in this three hour extravaganza you don’t want to miss! ...

AIRED: 10-28-2020

This was another caller driven broadcast. You don’t want to miss it. ...

AIRED: 10-21-2020

If you think it is any entity other than the Jesuits who are behind the coronavirus agenda, be sure to tune in. It’s a great show full of many great thoughts, ideas and voices and you don’t want to miss it. ...

AIRED: 10-07-2020