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By Luckee

Oct 02, 2015

It looks like Ty Bollinger and GreenMedInfo have teamed up and are trying to get the Cure for Cancer to everyone.

If you have lost loved ones to cancer, or are in the midst of a cancer battle today, this is a must watch video.  The series begins on October 13th.  

When I often tell people my defeating breast cancer without the use of AMA doctors or AMA ‘treatments’, they ask me, “How did you do it?” I changed some of my lifestyle. I didn’t change everything in my life. I loved and continued to eat chocolate.  I learned about natural foods and found how tastier they are than the mass produced stuff. But that is just a little of what I did. There is more. The things that are proven to cause and feed cancer, was eliminated from my life.
My friend’s grandmother is now getting the ‘conventional treatment’ for her cancer, and it is killing her! My friend is broken hearted to see such a vibrant woman reduced to such a weak state.  The treatment isn’t helping and it isn’t really expected to!  So my little episode is nothing compared to the catastrophic loss of lives on this globe and for those who have yet to beat this disease, I encourage you to take advantage of the information that is coming.


The producers are not out to make a buck.  Hell, I can’t even find a place or a way to donate or to pay for any service this group is providing! Grief will drive some people to do astounding things, and Ty Bollinger used that impetus to find cures! 

The GLOBAL QUEST version of the Truth About Cancer docu-series launches in only a few days! This free educational event promises to continue to expand minds and save lives! Save your spot and share with your loved ones.  

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You Absolutely Can Prevent, Treat, And Even Beat Cancer.  

“I’m sorry, there’s nothing else we can do…” — 38,356 patients hear this EVERY DAY, Worldwide – and unfortunately, 21,918 of them will pass away each day.

This means that at least thirty (30) people will have passed away by the time you finish reading this page.

It’s horrifying and I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way.

And I’m going to share with you the best preventions and treatments from all over the world — absolutely free starting on October 13th — more on that in a minute.

All across the world, families are forced to accept this answer of “I’m sorry…” and watch helplessly as this horrific disease slowly steals the life from their closest loved ones.

If you’ve experienced this first hand, you know that all you can do is sit by the wayside and wonder — how can this be?? Isn’t there something else we can do?

Most doctors will look at you and say, no.

However, deep down, you don’t believe it because it’s not true.

You’re not helpless — you can save yourself from cancer and I’m going to show you how.

There are proven cancer remedies that MOST doctors don’t know, or even care to know about.

Take it from me, many oncologists are very close-minded to alternative remedies, especially if it’s not their “specialization”…

Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way.

My first introduction to cancer came from my father and (what seemed to be) a minor stomach ache in the summer of 1996.

Doctors diagnosed his “ache” as cancer and insisted we remove his intestines immediately — so we did.

In 25 days, my father bled to death because of the surgery.

My whole family and I were devastated.

Then, the unthinkable happened…

Over the next 7 years, I lost both grandfathers, my grandmother, uncle, cousin, and finally in 2004, my mother, all to cancer and conventional cancer-related treatments. I watched this unfold right before my eyes and all I could think was — there has to be something I can do.

There has to be a better way… and I was committed to finding it (even if it meant going to the ends of the earth)

During this nearly crippling time in my life, I accumulated thousands of hours of research to find a more healthy approach to preventing and treating cancer.

These experiences would eventually inspire me to write not only a best selling book but also a cutting edge and a content packed series of documentaries detailing the “untold truths” about cancer from the industry’s foremost experts themselves.

This 9-Part docu-series “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” will change everything…

And I can’t wait to share it with you for free starting on October 13th at 9pm Eastern.

In this docu-series, today’s most prolific industry experts from all around the world (27 countries total) to share exactly how to prevent, treat, and beat cancer — Period.

It’s true! We’re pulling back the curtain and revealing some facts about cancer that will literally blow your mind.

Did you know:

  • Studies show that chemotherapy actually enriches Cancer Stem Cells (which are the cells that “give birth” to cancer cells). Knowing this, why is chemo so widely used to treat and prevent cancer when it’s causing more cancer in the process??
  • According to the American Cancer Society, despite popular belief, only 5% of cancers are genetic / hereditary. So much for it being mom or dad’s fault!
  • Although most oncologists tell chemo patients not to eat foods high in antioxidants believing it will “counteract” the chemotherapy treatments, studies actually indicate the exact opposite. Believe it or not, antioxidants can actually help chemo work even better.
  • And much much more

Listen, I’d keep writing forever on this page about cancer and the critically important things you need to do to fight and prevent this horrible disease, instead I invite you back to come watch this docu-series for free.

Starting October 13th (for limited time), we will be releasing this absolutely amazing 9-part docu-series for FREE.

Here’s our Broadcasting Schedule
(Be sure to save this)

Episode 1: The True History of Chemotherapy & The Pharmaceutical Monopoly
(October 13th 9:00PM Eastern US time)
Episode 2: Cancer Facts and Fictions, Breast Cancer, Hormones, Skin Cancer & Essential Oils
(October 14th 9:00PM Eastern US time)
Episode 3: Cancer-Killing Viruses, Cancer Stem Cells, GMOs, Juicing & Eating the Rainbow
(October 15th)
Episode 4: Excitotoxins that Fuel Cancer, Nature’s Pharmacy and Healing Cancer with Sound & Light
(October 16th)
Episode 5: Cancer Causing Blindspots, Toxic Vaccines, Homeopathy & The Power of Emotions
(October 17th)
Episode 6: The NOCEBO Effect, Healing Vaccines, Advanced Detoxing & Going Inside A German Cancer Clinic
(October 18th)
Episode 7: Heal Cancer with Clean Electricity, Unique Water, Natural Sunlight & Combining Superfoods
(October 19th)
Episode 8: Cannabis, Nature’s Epigenetic Switches, Peptides & Healing with Micronutrient Therapy
(October 20th)
Episode 9: Cancer Conquerors & Their Powerful Stories of Victory
(October 21th)

All episodes start airing at 9:00PM Eastern US time on the date listed above and will be available for approximately 23 hours, after which time the next episode will be loaded onto our site for your viewing pleasure 🙂

Be sure to keep an eye out for emails coming from us (The Truth About Cancer) as I will send you a reminder for each episode moving forward and the private link where you can watch it.

Whether you, your family, your friends, or even your neighbor down the street has been affected by cancer, this is something you won’t want to miss.

In fact, why don’t you share it with them right now. It’ll only take a second and you never know, you might just save someone’s life.

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Just imagine…

What if, in just a few short years, cancer was eradicated from the face of the earth.. and YOU were a part of making that happen?

The first step to making this happen is awareness. The more you know, the more prepared you will be to fight the fight.

Thank you for your time and consideration and remember…
Cancer doesn’t need to be a death sentence.

Ty Bollinger

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