Jul 01, 2013

by Sheree Geo

Truth Frequency Radio

Last night, I got into a discussion with someone named “Angel” on facebook about the USDA approving horse slaughtering for meat in the United States.


After reading and re-reading the exchange for a few hours, I realized that I may have been too harsh on Angel. In light of the recent revelations about the contamination of our food and water supplies, it could be that he/she is simply in a toxic state, which is clouding their thinking regarding humans and nature.

I thought that maybe if I explained to him/her what is actually being put into the food supply, maybe he’d understand how disconnected he’s become to nature and our responsibilities to animals on a spiritual level (as opposed to a “moral” one, since morals differ greatly between cultures and is, therefore, debatable).

imagesFirst of all, Mike Adams at Natural News explains pretty decently exactly where these horses you’ll be munching on will come from:

Most of this horse meat comes from horse owners who decide to have their horses killed for a variety of reasons: illness, injury, or simply economic reasons such as not affording to keep them fed and cared for.
Instead of having the courage to give their own horse a dignified death — i.e. having the vet administer a lethal injection, saying a prayer and burying it on the land it enjoyed — many owners call the slaughterhouse to have the horse hauled away and subjected to a terrifying, gruesome death in a meat packing plant, surrounded by other screaming horses who are in the process of being murdered.
Sounds like tasty “meat”, huh? Even without horse meat, the burgers in fast food America aren’t any better:

Rat-Tumor-Monsanto-GMO-Cancer-Study-3-WideIn regards to the safety of eating horse meat, it’s probably pretty safe…however, there are other dehumanizing ways our food supply has been changed in recent years.  One of them, of course, is Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) (cabbage spliced with scorpion genes, anyone?) .
Along with the Russian studies showing tumors in multiple-generation-fed mice, there are also legitimate, scientific institutions around the world asking serious questions about GMO’s actually mutating human DNA altogether. Add that to the fact that the UK government doesn’t allow GMO’s to be served in parliament (but wants the public to eat them), GMO companies spent over $30 million last year to keep them hidden in your food, Dopamine_Pathwaysthe long list of 71 senators who don’t want you to know they’re in your food, and the fact that the GMO wheat actually spreads across states and you can get a pretty good picture of just how “safe” GMO’s really are.
Then, there’s the issue of addiction. No, not to drugs, to carbs. Apparently, when you eat junk food, your brain goes through the exact same changes as someone on drugs. And to make matters worse, when you try to quit eating junk food, your brain goes through the same patterns of withdrawal as a person mildly addicted to coffee or soda. Although the physical symptoms may not be as comparable to addiction, the “brain patterns” of addiction are extremely uncomfortable and stressful for the oxidation-prone brain.
Subjects who consumed the high-glycemic milkshakes had spikes in their blood sugar, which then plummeted four hours later. As their blood glucose decreased, the participants developed excessive hunger, and their fMRIs demonstrated high levels of activity in a region of the brain, the nucleus accumbens, which is associated with addiction.
There’s also the issue of vitamin deficiency, a malady many of us Americans suffer from due to poor nutrition and lack of sunshine (Vitamin D). Studies have shown that Vitamin D deficiency can eventually be deadly. And iron-deficiency anemia is also a serious, long-term problem. So, it’s a good thing people are taking their vitamins, right? Actually, according to new studies, traditional vitamin supplements have many toxic substances in them nowadays:

images2Kid’s vitamins have recently been shown to contain aspartame, GMO’s, and hazardous chemicals. They also contain other dangers, explained here. Of course, pharmaceutical company whores have tried to come out against vitamins altogether, which really shows how desperate they are to muddy the waters of public perception enough to hide their rampant crimes.
Now, let’s talk about how even the 10th Amendment is being stepped on simply to gather up more federal control over the food supply. Last year, recently-deceased Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-N.J.) introduced new legislation to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 (TSCA), which was a pretty bad piece of legislation that allowed companies to mass-produce some of the most toxic substances known to man and market them to the unsuspecting public. Now that he’s gone, his colleagues have put forward the Chemical Safety Improvement Act of 2013 (CSIA).
Reform in this area is desperately needed, for sure, but according to the Center for Environmental Health (CEH), the bill is horrifyingly inept at actually reforming anything at all:
As written, the CSIA contains loose standards and vague wording that will allow industry to tie regulation of dangerous chemicals up in the courts for years to come….
A central moral failure of the CSIA is that it does not require particular protections for communities and populations that bear the worst brunt of toxic pollution or are more vulnerable to toxic chemicals.  These are developing children, pregnant women, and other people who are more vulnerable to harm from toxic chemicals, as well as workers and low-income communities populated predominantly by people of color who have suffered the worst harm from inadequate regulations, often for generations….
The CSIA would allow EPA to deem chemicals to be of low concern without sufficient data to make such a determination.  In one of its more troubling provisions, the CSIA would also allow chemical companies to control which data that government bodies at the federal and state levels are allowed to review as they consider regulations on toxic chemicals…
the CSIA requires that EPA undergo a prohibitively cumbersome and bureaucratic process in order to phase out dangerous chemicals….
The CSIA also adopts a vague safety standard that will not guarantee that chemicals entering the marketplace and used in manufacturing are actually safe….
The CSIA would grandfather confidential business information (CBI) claims on products and chemicals made prior to the enactment of the bill.  Further, the bill does not require EPA to disclose the number and duration of CBI claims it grants to chemicals, making it difficult for families to know what chemical hazards they might be exposed to.  The CSIA also fails to require that EPA release the secret data at the end of the CBI protection period.  Given these flaws, it is troubling that the CSIA would simultaneously limit health care professionals’ access to information about the identity of secret chemicals, even in medical emergencies….

Don’t forget the latest study showing that when two carcinogenic substances are combined in the human body (even below the safety threshold), the cancer risk doubles.

eating-14And don’t forget the power of ego combined with delusion and a hint of denial: Most Americans are less healthy than they think.

Many Americans firmly believe their own generation is the healthiest—even as most want to get cracking on losing an average of 25 pounds, according to the study.
Aetna’s study also found that a lot of people—45 percent of those surveyed—think that their own generation is in the best shape, followed by their parents’ generation and then by the generation younger than their own. “It’s wishful thinking,” said Gans,
Another anti-Sovereignty bill many people are aware of is Codex Alimentarius, a UN plan of global control over the earth’s “resources”, which would make pesticide manufacturers jump through LESS hoops than vitamin companies.

If “Angel” has even made it this far into the article, I’ll be amazed. He’s probably either a) become distracted by the latest public lashing of Paula Deen, b) become distracted by the latest Michael Jackson files, or c) is asking why I keep bashing the American food supply. Well, here’s your reprieve: just look at Japan, that’ll make you feel better:

Apparently, the situation at Fukushima isn’t any better ; In fact, while levels of Cesium and other short-lived isotopes have gone down, levels of longer-lasting radioactive elements have not only stuck around ; They have contaminated the groundwater under the plant, where it has then contaminated the food supply there and can be measured in beef being sold in grocery stores:

The point is, the state of our food supply is absolutely dire at this point. The very fact that horse slaughtering for meat is becoming accepted in first-world countries is absolutely appalling to anyone who knows history. We are in a famine without a famine, so to speak. Our plates of food are huge, but we are never full ; Our vegetables and fruits have turned sour ; Everything tastes like chemicals. What do you think is happening inside of our brains right now? I firmly believe in the notion that “you are what you eat” ; And right now, Americans are piles of chemical-laden, GMO-ridden, ammoniated beef, with Nutrasweet sprinkled on the top.