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Nov 12, 2013

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The west faces the extraordinary situation today whereby, even though the communist iron curtain fell in 1989-1992, Marxist-Communist operatives at all levels of society in the west – have continued their ideological drive (and in many cases passed the torch over generations) to disrupt and de-moralise… western politics, economics, society and culture.

Hollywood plays a central role in not only feeding talking points and concepts, but also by lowering the moral bar – lowering moral standards, by constantly targeting ever younger audiences with gratuitous sex and violence, and even subliminal imagery. In this kind of social environment, the populace is rendered unable to make informed decisions in their local, or national interests.

According to a high level Soviet defector, Yuri Alexandrovich Bezmenov, who granted this interview in the mid 80′s, operations against the west were less about intelligence gathering and more to do with what is known as ‘ideological subversion’ and ‘active measures’ – programs designed over 15 to 20 year period in order to subvert moral foundations by targeting students and the educational systems. The operations “change from within” using “agents of change”, and ultimately to change people’s behaviours – a practice now used openly by western governments, known as Applied Behavioral Psychology.  

We’ve now reached a unique crossroads where countries like Russia and China are moving away from Marxism and are in the process of opening up, while the West is in the process of constricting its social charters and bill of rights. All this is happening and most people are completely unaware of it.

All this, disguised under political banners like ‘redistribution of wealth’, ‘social justice’ and ‘equality’.

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