The Dangers Of Marijuana Prohibition w/ Peter Gorman & The Bermuda Triangle, AUTEC, False Flags and more w/ Clyde Lewis >>


AIRED: 04-20-2012

Hour 1: High Times writer and author Peter Gorman joins us again on this 4-20 to discuss some of the dangers of marijuana prohibition and how mankind can benefit from the decriminalization of this indigenous plant. Peter Gorman is also the author of Ayahuasca In My Blood, which he discussed on a previous broadcast.



Hour 2 & 3: Clyde Lewis, host of Ground Zero joins us to discuss his journey in terrestrial radio and his experiences in working with networks while at the same time discussing the same esoteric and occult topics as we do here on Truth Frequency Radio. Clyde also talks about AUTEC, the Bermuda Triangle and we even touch upon terrorist attacks, false flags and project bluebeam.

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