AIRED: 08-19-2017

One of 9/11’s most outstanding researchers, Barbara Honegger shares the “Mike Gravel moment” that clinched victory in the years long quest to release 28 pages redacted from the Joint-House Senate Committee report on 9/11. The 28 pages reveal important details of the Saudi Royal Family’s financing of the 9/11 conspiracy, as in the official cover story involving the 19 hijackers. Proving that web of conspiracy prior to the actual attack gives solid grounding and proofs of the “inside job.” In the second hour, we talk about Congress’ unanimous passage of JASTA, which empowers the 9/11 families to sue Saudi Arabia. And Barbara explains a surprise development in the federal case of Khalil Sheikh Mohammad, on trial for the 9/11 conspiracy, last week, when the Appellate Court ordered the recusal of the federal Judge hearing his case. More is coming if the Establishment can be shoved out of the way! Stay tuned!

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