AIRED: 08-13-2017

Counter-Intelligence officer, Greg Ford, whistleblower of Abu Ghraib delivers smokin’ hot intel on Able Danger and advance warnings of 9/11, including the CIA’s training of Mohammed Atta at Fort Huachuka (Wa-choo-ka) in Arizona. When you think he couldn’t say more, he talks about the “suicide” of Philip Marshall by Israeli agents; and the Bush Family’s role in WMDs in Iraq. And of course, he describes the horrific & abominable crimes of Abu Ghraib Prison and his own direct contact with ISIS founder, Al Baghdadi. It’s a small world, after all! Greg Ford was there, and he describes events from a point of personal contact, right down to his appalling removal from Iraq, getting strapped to a guerney and dosed with sodium amitol after he filed a report on the torture practices in Abh Ghraib! Everybody who thinks you know has got to hear Greg! Also check him on Liberty Beacon Radio! He’s amazing!

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