AIRED: 07-30-2017

Hashim Almadani speaks with a new Arab voice so often shouted down or lost in debates over radical Islam. An Iraqi refugee living in Spain, he talks about his family’s quest for freedom from totalitarian government rule, the bitter disappointment of chaos and civil war after the fall of Saddam, and his rebirth in Spain. But Hashim calls himself an Iraqi atheist, who talks about the critical importance of integration and opening expectations to opportunities of the West. Hashim has spurned Islam entirely, because of the savagery and bloodshed it has wrought on his people. In our interview, he voices alarm over liberals in the West pushing the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam on Arab peoples to the point of enabling oppression to take root! It’s a brave voice, as Hashim articulates the shock of Western do-gooders who have committed so many mistakes in their push for Islamic tolerance. He dares to say words that many of us are thinking.

website: www.hashimalmadani.com

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