AIRED: 07-09-2017

Commander X talks about his incredible new book, “Dark Ops: An Anonymous Story,” which shows again how far down the rabbit hole the Deep State is willing to go. “Dark Ops” delivers an amazing front seat ride into X’s true life hack of the 2012 Presidential Elections on Election Night. There’s candor in this book that will shock a lot of readers: X boldly proclaims that his crew fully intended to delete all of the 2012 election returns in Ohio and Florida! Only his crew discovered that somebody else got there first. The Deep State. “Dark Ops” tells the story how his crew mutinied, and flipped 180 degrees from a smash and break op to save the election instead. EVERYBODY should read this book! It’s powerful and brilliant and scary as hell, I will admit. Commander X holds a mirror up to the Deep State, and shows that its own hacking gets far more twisted and nefarious than anything cyber hacktivists are coming up with.

website: www.darkops.cf

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