AIRED: 06-10-2017

Today’s guests, Scott Bennett and Tony Gosling discuss how a wildfire of lunacy and hysterics broke free and consumed Washington & London this week. The arrest of nasty girl, NSA leaker “Reality Winner” from Savannah, Georgia smacks of Deep State MK Ultra. Election watchers know that up to this point, only the State of Georgia Election Office reported getting hacked multiple times before November. Alarmed, top staff ran a comprehensive forensic analysis that traced the hacking back to the Department of Homeland Security–NOT RUSSIA. Scott Bennett explains how Deep State operatives could easily have manufactured a FAKE report on Russian election hacking from Georgia’s battle with DHS hackers & passed their report to Little Reality Girl, whose blind and malicious hatred of President Trump made her an eager Manchurian Candidate. In the second hour, Tony Gosling talks about Theresa May’s disastrous mistake calling Parliamentary elections this week and what it all means for Brexit and Britain’s policy on migrant workers.

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