AIRED: 05-28-2017

Calling it an “extraordinary aircraft safety threat,” from Shanghai, Charles Shi blows the whistle on a Chinese aircraft supplier, which has installed non-aerospace grade materials in the Flight Control Systems of 500 Boeing and Airbus aircraft sold to commercial airliners including British Airways and Lufthansa. But 19 planes were sold to the U.S Navy. The faulty equipment sold by China to Moog, Inc. (pronounced MOHG) features prominently on Boeing 737, and controls flight gear used in landing and take offs. Shi warns this “single point of failure” is capable of crashing the planes. In this interview, Shi shares the story of his reports to his superiors, Moog Headquarters and the Federal Aviation Administration that “counterfeit materials” of non-aerospace grade materials are being used. Under the Obama Administration, no action was taken. Shi now hopes Republican leaders will investigate the possible crime connections of the Chinese supplier.

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