AIRED: 05-21-2017

The force of the Universe rained hell on Washington this week! From night to morning, Democrat fantasies of impeaching Trump exploded like a dud IED. Suddenly “awake” Americans realized we’ve received a precious opportunity in the most unlikely source, Bob Mueller, to strike a death blow to corruption in Washington, as pushed by Democrats over the past 8 years. The problem for Democrats is there never was any Russian hacking of the DNC. Our heroic whistleblower was Seth Rich, a 27 year old DNC Insider with integrity, who handed over 42,000 DNC emails to former British Ambassador Craig Murray. On his way home from an FBI interview, Seth got shot twice in the back– BUT HE WAS ALIVE in ICU and medical staff expected Seth to survive. This week Rod Wheeler, the private investigator hired by Seth’s family, gave a blockbuster TV interview on Fox 5 News in Washington, that the DNC had demanded local police “stand down from the murder investigation.” He also said that Seth’s computer was loaded with WIKILEAKS communications. That was the perfect storm! The next day Robert Mueller was appointed Independent Counsel to oversee the debunked story of Russia’s interference in the election. Today’s guests, Scott Bennett and Michael Jay Anderson discuss the opportunity to force a deep investigation into corruption. Friends, we must be vigilant! But we’ve got we wanted: a chance to Drain the Swamp! We cannot be passive. We’ve got to fight harder now than most of us fought in years. It has not arrived the way any of us expected it. But we will all look back with wonder and awe for what we accomplish next!!! LET’S GO DRAIN THE SWAMP!

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