AIRED: 05-20-2017

A blockbuster interview with Jim Fetzer, opening with revelations that hero Whistleblower, Seth Rich was ALIVE at the hospital & expected to survive the shooting in Washington DC on his way home from an FBI interview into his connections to WIKILEAKS. Hospital staff have come forward to say that police ordered them to stop all medical checks and treatments for Seth’s gun shot wounds. After Seth died the next day, medical staff discovered all of his medical tubing and monitors had been removed! On top of that, DC police have publicly complained the DNC demanded they stand down from the investigation. That’s willful obstruction of a murder investigation by the very Democrats complaining about Trump’s comment to Comey over the Flynn investigation. Get ready for hysterics when Robert Mueller breaks the news to snowflakes that No Russians Hacked the DNC. How will Mueller handle the Seth Rich murder and WIKILEAKS exposure of Hillary’s “pay to play” scams, abetted by many of the Democrat Party’s top staffers? Who is Robert Mueller? Can he be trusted? Jim shows Mueller’s had his share of cover ups– Oklahoma City, 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing. But he’s usually pretty good on corruption. So how will this play out??? We the People have power, too! WIKILEAKS is all a matter of public access. We the People can force the prosecution of Top Democrats for ripping off the public with their “pay to play” scams, trading favorable policy decisions in exchange for private cash donations!!! It’s not the way any of us expected the road to go! But the universe has an extraordinary capacity to redirect justice where it needs to go!! The Snakes are loose, but it will be very hard for Democrats to avoid their venomous bite!


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