AIRED: 05-06-2017

Dr. Rima Laibow M.D. from the Natural Solution Foundation is much admired as a Health Freedom activist. Today, Rima discusses her own courageous fight over medical treatment & nutritional decisions in the care of her dying husband, Gen. Bert Stubblebine. For a woman who has dedicated her entire life to non-toxicity in medical interventions, our interview shows what a gut-wrenching experience this was, as the Hospital Establishment tried to manipulate and gull her into cutting off medicine and nutritional sustenance. It’s an eye-opener for what it takes to advocate as an empowered family advocate on behalf of your dying loved one. This should be a Best Seller! In the second hour, we talk about her new book, “Autism Action Plan”– and the corollary to Polio and DDT pesticides back in the 1950s. DDT was marketed as a cure for polio & was heavily sprayed around lakes and pools where children played. Funny thing, the more DDT got sprayed, the heavier the concentration of polio in children to the point that parents despaired whether polio could ever be stopped! By the 1960s, health “experts” recognized that polio was getting a heavy push from this dangerous pesticides. They stopped spraying DDT and polio stopped overnight. That’s what Dr. Rima believes would happen to autism if Big Pharma would stop relying on mercury and glucosophates in vaccines. Her book details how to detoxiify the body of chemical glucosophate that’s fueling the autism epidemic. You can find her e-book on


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