AIRED: 04-30-2017

A fascinating account of how CIA Director William Colby bestowed today’s guest, Douglas Valentine with unprecedented research access to the Phoenix Program, the Vietnam “pacification” program that assassinated over 50,000 teachers, mayors and civil servants among the Viet Cong. That intensive disclosure was something the CIA would come to regret! Valentine talks about his new book: “The CIA as Organized Crime: How Illegal Operations Corrupt America and the World” on Amazon. To put it mildly, the CIA gets a bit touchy about Valentine’s works including “The Phoenix Program” and “The Strength of the Wolf: The Secret History of America’s War on Drugs.” His latest book argues the Phoenix Program in Vietnam has been resurrected in the Patriot Act with its secret charges, secret evidence and unlimited administrative detentions. All of it rings truthful to your faithful host! Mysteriously, at the bottom of the second hour, all connection to TFR and Valentine cuts off for 20 minutes. The show resumes 10 minutes before the end of the hour! It’s worth a fast forward to finish it out!


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If Globalists expected to erase President Trump’s patriots, Inauguration optics shouted Power to the People. Symbolically, the National Guard turned their backs on the phony Commander in Chief protecting him from the 200 + live audience who showed up to watch. Frosting on this farce, the White House front door was locked, because Trump fired...

AIRED: 01-24-2021

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AIRED: 01-17-2021

In the eyes of 75 MILLION Americans, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have ZERO Legitimacy to enter the White House on January 20. Americans are ALREADY scrutinizing Democrat connections to ELECTION FRAUD, including China’s interference in the 2020 elections, Biden’s pay to play corruption; and Democrat ties to ANTIFA & BLM’s rioting at the Capitol,,...

AIRED: 01-10-2021

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AIRED: 01-03-2021

Friends, America has got to fight for our Constitution TODAY. Most important, all of us need to email State Legislators & demand they strike fraudulent votes & recertify their elections with correct results. THREE States will carry Trump over the top. ARIZONA GEORGIA PENN

AIRED: 12-27-2020

President Trump’s battle to stop the Globalists from destroying the U.S. Economy & Freedom hearkens in every way to he Epic battle of King Leonidis and 300 Spartan Warriors at the Gates of Thermopylae— known as the “Hot Gates.” Like today, corruption & bribery of Sparta’s citizen legislature prevented Sparta’s Army from standing against the...

AIRED: 12-20-2020