AIRED: 04-29-2017

A high energy romp with juicy bon mots from Rachael L. McIntosh, author and former defense contractor for L-3 Communications! Ever wonder about the helicopter zooming around the World Trade Center on 9/11? Rachael reveals how the WesCam Division got flight access when all other craft got shut down. What Rachael shares about the blueprints for Building 7 and L-3’s efforts to win the contract for the Emergency Response Center at the World Trade Center are the seeds of her first book, “Little Yellow Stickies.” The housing bubble and life with her baby-daddy/army mercenary after L-3, along with gas lighting from her old boss that blew up her computer, are the source of “Bubbles Will Pop” in book 2. And her experience as a Ron Paul delegate at the GOP Convention in Tampa, with its fake hurricane nefariously timed to re-writing the GOP Convention rules to block Ron Paul’s speech, and the kidnapping of Ron Paul’s delegates, those are covered in “The Big Show.” Rachael is in talks to develop a TV series at this very moment! You can catch Rachael on her own radio show, “Shadow Citizen!” She’s a lot of fun!


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