AIRED: 04-22-2017

It’s a radio host’s worst nightmare come true– Today’s guest, Eric Jones talks about the frightening arrest of Tom Lacovara, host of “Resurrect the Republic” on RBN Radio while on location covering the Cliven Bundy stand off at the Malheur Wildlife Center in Oregon. Eric shares the extraordinary circumstances of Tom’s request for a police interview in the hotel room of Lavoy Finicum, who was later killed by federal sniper. Talk about the wrong place at the wrong time! Without his knowledge, a small glock hand gun was tucked in a woman’s purse in the bathroom. Out of nowhere, a judicial IED exploded in Lavoy’s hotel room from a domestic fight many years ago with Tom Lacovara’s ex-fiance who broke off their engagement, then filed criminal charges when Tom pawned her engagement ring (OUCH!) Scary, but that was enough! Tom was taken into police custody by the Sheriff of Eugene, Oregon for “constructive possession of a fire arm by a “convicted felon.” For months, he’s been denied bail as Inmate # 3923405. Eric asks listeners to make very polite phone calls to the Lane County Sheriff’s office at #541-682-4150 where Tom has been detained in solitary confinement at the request of federal authorities. That’s a scary place to be, my friends! Tom needs our voices to regain his freedom!

website: www.courtroomwatch.com

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