AIRED: 04-15-2017

Today’s guest is V.A whistleblower, Tarref Simon who discusses serious water contamination problems at the Michael Debaskey Medical Center in Houston, which serves 130,000 veterans and employs 4,000 medical staff. This deserves a full scale Congressional investigation! Dirty water, broken pipes, backed up sewage drains– it’s all part of the Veterans Care package in Houston. Veterans are starting to die in care, while the VA removes complaints and notifications from building staff warning about poor conditions and broken equipment. Before the Feds spend one more dollar on Lockheed Martin’s latest military toy, they had better get serious about health care for the soldiers shipped out to fight our Wars!

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AIRED: 02-17-2019

Censorship, Conspiracy, Truth. John Blyth joins us today with stories of his own blogging exposes on HuffPost and others, before Censors got wise to his Truth Speech and stole his writings. He shares the story of his crackdown involving police vengeance, false arrests, and the inevitable warnings to stop talking about Corruption in California. In...

AIRED: 02-10-2019

The War against Truth is ON— Roger Stone’s arrest by a 27 man SWAT team with high-power rifles brought shrieks of joy from Anti-Trumpers. Democrats want us all to believe Truth is Treason. But it’s NOT. Your faithful Host predicts total vindication for Roger Stone. Nancy Pelosi’s and her 17 seat majority in the House...

AIRED: 01-27-2019

Today’s powerhouse guest, Daniel Estulin with declared ties to Russian Intelligence, describes a scene straight out of a World Wrestling Championship Super Stellar Match: Liberal Global Financial Elites are locked in a cage fight with President Trump and British PM Theresa May on one side of the ring, in a death fight against Frenchie Macron...

AIRED: 01-20-2019

Today’s show with Scott Bennett and Michael Jay Anderson jumps the P.C Sharks. No holds barred, we cut straight to the Wall and Border Security. All the nitty gritty details of Drugs & Crime exploding out of HIspanic neighborhoods throughout suburbia, your Faithful Host makes an argument for rapid and aggressive Border Controls that most...

AIRED: 01-13-2019

WOWOWOW!!! Your Host is GONZO for Video, Friends! So delighted to be joined by Piers Robinson, founder of the Organization for Propaganda Studies and Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester in the UK. Piers is an expert on studies of how propaganda is used to inflate global conflicts. We discuss the US pullout from...

AIRED: 01-06-2019