AIRED: 04-08-2017

Any Arab child knows the White Helmets are ISIS notorious propaganda brigade in Syria. Running a hospital for Syrian rebel fighters, the chief medical doctor, Shaqul Islam has been linked to the kidnapping of two British journalists and Kayla Mueller, the young Arizona activist held hostage for two years as ISIS leader Baghdadi’s personal sex slave. He’s also responsible for promoting fake chemical weapons attacks in Syria in 2013. When anti-Assad supporters received alerts on twitter on April 3 that “emphasized the date of April 4 to start Media Campaign against Bashar’s intensive use of chlorine gas bombing” in the Hama region, it was a fool’s bet that the White Helmets would be connected somehow. MUST READ TWEET Unhappily, by design or intent, President Trump did not get that memo! To put the best spin on this catastrophe, Trump’s been cut off from the world at large. Or else the CIA has become the most ineffective and incompetent intelligence gathering body anywhere on earth. On Thursday night, Trump bombed a Syrian air strip, blaming Syria’s President Bashar Assad for the White Helmet’s False Flag. ! Today’s guests are Jim Fetzer in the first hour and Scott Bennett in the second hour. The show starts at the 7 minute mark. To describe the fall out of Trump supporters as furious would be an underestimate. The White Helmets’ strike against Washington and Syria and Moscow has been more masterful than they ever dreamed! At least nobody could accuse Trump of being a lapdog for Putin anymore. No, Washington has leapt straight to the precipice of World War 3—

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