AIRED: 04-02-2017

Today’s guest, radio host Michael Herzog kicks up dirt all over Democrats– from Bill Clinton’s email urging Hillary to “use Russia again” to Hilary’s Uranium One Deal that delivered Russia 20 percent of US Uranium on federal lands, in exchange for $145 MILLION in stock for the Clinton Foundation and $35 MILLION in stock for John Podesta. As Mike points out, it’s the Saul Alinsky school of attacking the other guy for the crimes you have committed, before you get punished for the same crimes. But the Establishment has overplayed its hand. Outside of California, New York & the Establishment hub of Washington DC, the media has lost so much credibility with fake polls and fake news on Trump, this droning is now achieving the reverse effect. Really Americans wanted to go on with our daily lives. Instead, Michael shows us we’re being reminded of all the ugly reasons we voted against Hillary & Democrats in the first place. The Establishment hates us, but we hate them right back! They declare us unpatriotic for voting against the Democrats. But they’ve kicked up a hornest nest. Watch us zoom back on them! And Check out Michael’s show, “The American Awakening,” which debuts next Monday from 10pm to midnight EASTERN, 7pm to 9pm PACIFIC on Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN)!

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