AIRED: 04-01-2017

Richard Lighthouse explains the Deep State’s fascination with Targeted Individuals & the plethora of new technologies ramping up their powers far and beyond the scope of law! The former NASA expert also discloses new technology and signal analyzers that prove tracking is underway, taking measurements of microwaves and radio frequencies in excess of the normal range. He also explains how we citizens can create physical shields and protective zones to block them out!. Richard has authored over 100 E-books on the CIA, Deep State, Mind Control, Target Individuals and Space Travel. Check out his website!


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You can feel it in the air. The relentless destruction of Ukrainian cities. Skyrocketing food and energy prices on the home front. It’s only a matter of time before Washington resorts to its tried and true strategy for deflecting blame for failure. The False Flag. Targeting frustrations on an “enemy” foreign or domestic who threatens...

AIRED: 04-10-2022

Today’s show cuts deep inside the propaganda war raging in Ukraine. Who’s to blame for the barrage of destruction? Can Ukraine pull off a win against Russia?? Most definitely not. Without the conviction of Ukrainian soldiers, the War will implode. That’s where propaganda comes in. Today’s guest comes from the breakaway Donetsk People’s Republic whose...

AIRED: 04-03-2022