AIRED: 03-26-2017

A fascinating show! Commander X talks about Vault 7 and the Guccifer Phenomenon that’s all the rage in the Deep State. The clarity of Commander X defies the simplistic Deep State cover story. Uh oh! For starters, it wasn’t Russians who hacked the DNC at all. It was a crew of 7 or 8 Ukrainians, Serbians and Romanians. Nor could “Anonymous Russia” be characterized as “state-sponsored,” since they’re notorious for hacking Russian government emails, then blackmailing Russian officials for $10K a pop NOT to expose their corruption. Before the November election, Putin arrested the whole crew of 6 to 8 members. Only one escaped. Not exactly the story Nancy Pelosi’s telling! No, this show explores how cyber-hacktivists contribute mightily to the defense of freedom, transparency, and rip the wings off tyrants. Good reasons to bring Edward Snowden home, and invite Julian Assange to the White House to receive the Medal of Honor for defending Democracy in the United States. X talks a lot about FISA and the government forces aggressively mobilizing to suppress the flow of ideas. Will Trump beat the Deep State?? We’d all better hope so. In the meantime, the anti-State hackers and anarchists of the Guccifer Phenomenon have some more fight in them, too!!! …


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AIRED: 10-30-2022