AIRED: 03-05-2017

As Washington races to investigate Russian hacking, Americans are in danger of losing sight of the very important truth that WIKILEAKS laid on voters–Public knowledge is a vital counterweight against public corruption. Transparency and accountability are necessary l protections for democracy. Too many times these days, the messenger is getting shot by firing squad! Today’s guests, Leann DeHart and Nancy Norelli, attorneys for FreeAnons share the scary story of hacktivist, Matt DeHart. As usual, the bio on wikipedia is watered down. You need to hear this interview to understand how false sex offender charges for a blog chat by a DIFFERENT teenager landed him in prison on a 10 year sentence in FCI Ashland, Kentucky. What the government was hiding was much worse– details of the possible role of the CIA in the Anthrax scare shortly after 9/11. During a hack, Matt DeHart and Anonymous got hold of the top secret intel implicating the U.S Government in some unknown capacity. Matt was holding the “Dead Man’s Key”– a term of art by Anonymous for protecting stored computer files captured during hacks. Our interview cuts to the real challenge for all of us– the public’s right to demand accountability from our government, and the government’s fear of the People. Hacktivists like Matt DeHart, Chelsea Manning and Edward Snowden have all paid the highest price to defend our freedom. What future would America be confronting today if disgruntled DNC employee, Seth Rich, had not downloaded the DNC emails from John Podesta, et al, exposing the corruption of Hillary Clinton, and handing it off to WIKILEAKS who shared it with the world?? In the future, Matt DeHart, Julian Assange & Wikileaks might well be regarded as the HEROES of our nation & the global community! But today Seth Rich is dead from a street shooting on his way home from meeting the FBI. Julian Assange is still locked down at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London. And Matt DeHart is twisting in the prison winds for the next two years, awaiting the end of his prison sentence. Truth is a hard mistress!


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